Dress code photograph session

“How will I be photographed, and what should I be wearing?”
Good questions!


The photos will have a neat, fresh, and professional look.
The photographer takes care of variety in the pictures, from the left or right side, and portrait (head + waist). We kindly ask you to dress professionally, and to bring along two extra sets of clothes for the upper body.

Together with the photographer, Marieke Elias, you will check which ones you are going to use.

Please keep in mind when picking out clothes, the pictures will have to last for about 5 years. The pictures will be professional portraits used for LinkedIn and proposals to be send to clients. So think of the question: “How do I appear most professional and which clothes will match this look?”. For inspiration you can have a look at the photo wall on the left side when you enter the office.

Specific instructions to follow:
Personal appearance

  •  Shaved (gentlemen);
  •  Modest make up (ladies), eyebrows, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow not too heavy;
  • Hair properly done
  • Glasses are always clean;
  • Clothes are ironed.


  • Blouse, dress, Colbert without any prints;
  • No white since this will disappear on paper;
    – Blue, grey, or pastel colors are in general fine;
    – Make sure you have a light set if you’d want to go for pastel, but always include a darker set as well.

Please note!
Do not dress in a seasonal way, so no short sleeves, no sweater or vest.



  • Suits
    – dark blue, black, light or dark grey;
    – Preferably no brown.
  • Shirts/blouse
    – White and light blue always works;
    – No black, dark grey, or bright colors;
    – No dots, diamonds, stripes, or any other prints;
    – Bring several ties.

Please note!
Do not dress in a seasonal way, so no short sleeves, no sweater or vest, and no white t-shirt underneath a white blouse.



Lunette 6
2141MX Vijfhuizen

If you’re having difficulties to locate the studio, please contact:

Marieke Elias